CannExpo Terms & Regulations

CannExpo Toronto Terms of Agreement | Rules and Regulations

The Exhibitor agrees to the terms and conditions included in this Agreement for exhibit space at CannExpo, Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto, March 24 – 26, 2023, and move-in day, March 23, 2023.

The Exhibitor agrees to abide by all rules and regulations set forth by Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place, and CannExpo. CannExpo will have the final decision in adopting or amending rules or necessary regulations.


  1. LAWS: The Exhibitor shall comply with all federal and provincial laws and regulations governing the display, promotion, and sale of cannabis, including but not limited to the Cannabis Act, The Cannabis Control Act, the Cannabis License Act and Health Canada.
  2. ACTIVITIES: The Exhibitor represents and warrants that its activities comply with the restrictions on the promotion of cannabis under the Cannabis Act and its regulations.
  3. ADMISSION TO SHOW: Restricted to those with proof of Age of Majority” (19 years of age or older). This includes show set up and take down. Valid ID must be presented if requested.
  4. DISPLAY & PRODUCT: CannExpo reserves the right to approve exhibitors’ display content.
  5. SELLING OF CANNABIS: Exhibitors are strictly prohibited from selling any thc containing cannabis products, both in and outside the building. Exhibitors cannot offer, sell or persuade attendees to purchase cannabis remotely from the show, i.e. offering and selling products via kiosk, mobile phone, or flyers.
  6. PAYMENT TERMS: A deposit of 40% of the total invoice is required to reserve booth space. Balance is due January 24th, 2023, and will be invoiced at the beginning of January 2023.
  7. USE OF SPACE: The Exhibitor agrees to use space (s)provided only for the display of the contracted exhibitor. The exhibitor shall not assign, sublet or apportion the whole or any part of the space allocated by CannExpo to the exhibitor without obtaining the written consent of CannExpo.
  8. BOOTH ALLOCATION: Exhibit space will be allocated by CannExpo on a first-served basis. Booth location is secured upon receipt of deposit.
  1. INSURANCE: The Exhibitor will provide proof of a minimum $2,000,000 liability insurance holding Ontario 2866490 Inc., operating as CannExpo, and the owners of Exhibition Place and grounds harmless from any damage or liability arising from any injury or damage to the Exhibitor or employees, or to the property of the Exhibitor occurring in the buildings or grounds. The show floor will be under 24-hour security from the start of move-in to the end of move-out.
  2. LOSS & DAMAGE: CannExpo shall not be held liable or responsible for any loss, damage, theft, or destruction however caused to any goods, equipment, or any other property belonging to the Exhibitor or for which the Exhibitor is responsible. Exhibitors are encouraged to have an insurance policy to cover products and display equipment.
  3. BOOTH CANCELLATION: The Exhibitor will have the right to cancel their reservation for space up to January 24, 2023, in which case they will forfeit 50% of the deposit or may apply the deposit to the 2024 show. CannExpo will be free to resell the space. Should the Exhibitor cancel after January 24, 2023, will forfeit the total amount of the deposit payment. All cancellations must be confirmed to CannExpo in writing, and the effective date will be the date the notification is received. On notification of cancellation, CannExpo will be free to rent the space(s).
  4. GOOD CHARACTER: CannExpo reserves the right to reject or prohibit exhibits or Exhibitors or to relocate Exhibitors should such moves be necessary to maintain the character and/or good order of CannExpo.
  5. SMOKING & VAPING: Attendees and exhibitors are strictly prohibited from smoking and vaping any substances indoors and must adhere to the City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 709, which stipulates that no smoking or vaping is to occur within 9 meters of building entrances and exits.
  6. MOVE IN DAYS: Exhibitors will move in and set up exhibits during move-in times: Thursday, March 23, 2023, from 11 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and Friday, March 24, 2023, from 7 a.m. to 9 am.
  7. Exhibits must be set up within the time specified. No major changes to displays during the public show hours are allowed.
  8. SHOW HOURS: The Exhibit space must be attended during all show hours, from opening to closing each day, by at least one representative of the Exhibitor. Exhibitors are responsible to maintain the exhibit booth cleanliness throughout the show.
  9. MOVE OUT: The Exhibitor agrees that no display will be dismantled or goods removed during the Show, and the display will remain intact until the closing hour of the last day of the Show (Sunday, March 26, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.). Move-out will commence once the building is clear of show attendees and aisle carpets are rolled up.
  10. Exhibitors must remove all items from the Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place by no later than 12 Midnight on Sunday, March 26, 2023. If required, CannExpo will remove any materials remaining after said time at the exhibitor’s expense.
  1. SHOW POSTPONEMENT: In the event that CannExpo cannot hold the event on the contracted dates due to public health restrictions or local close-downs, or any other necessary date change, the show will be rescheduled and all monies paid by the Exhibitor will be credited to the next event date.
  2. COVID-19: The Exhibitor agrees to follow all Toronto Public Health guidelines and City of Toronto and Province of Ontario mandates and any further restrictions imposed by the public health unit and government.
  3. DAMAGE TO BUILDING: The Exhibitor is liable for any damage caused to building floors, walls, or columns, or to contractor booth equipment, or damage to other Exhibitor’s property.
  4. UNIONS: The Exhibitor agrees to observe all union contracts in force at Exhibition Place. I.A.T.S.E. & Labour Local 506
  5. ARRANGEMENTS OF EXHIBITS: Displays must not protrude beyond the measured booth dimensions, nor obstruct a clear view of the neighboring booths, and may not be taller than 8 ft. high. Exhibitors may not attach displays to walls, structural support or flooring in the exhibit building by nails, screws, bolts, or permanent cement, nor may they suspend anything from the ceiling or rafters. No exhibitor shall permit the exposure of any unfinished surface to neighbouring booths.
  6. ADVERTISING: The name “CannExpo” may be included in the advertising of the exhibitor using the official show logos. The show logo cannot be altered in any way. CannExpo reserves the right to use the name of the exhibitor as part of its advertising.
  7. BADGES AND PASSES: Exhibitor badges will be issued to people staffing the exhibit. Badges will be picked up in the Show Office on the day of move-in. Exhibitor badge quantity is 5 per 10’ x 10’ booth. Each exhibitor will receive 5 complimentary tickets for admission to CannExpo.
  8. NOISE AND MACHINERY: CannExpo has the right to stop the display, demonstration, or the running of an engine or machine that causes vibrations, noise, smoke, smell, or other nuisance on site. Exhibitors requiring the usage of audio (TVs, music, etc.) must maintain a volume level that does not disturb attendees and neighbouring exhibitors.
  9. DISPLAYS: The exhibitor shall not have on his stand or exhibit or displays during the show any goods of an explosive, flammable, obscene, discriminatory, hateful, or racist in any form. CannExpo reserves the right to refuse or terminate the exhibit or sale of any article that they may deem at the sole discretion, unsuitable, objectionable, or deceptive to purchasers.
  10. COMPETITIONS, DRAWS IN YOUR BOOTH: Competitions and promotions conducted by exhibitors in conjunction with their displays shall be clear in nature and free of any obligation to the winner. The award or awards, and the terms of the same, must be clearly stated on the entry form. Awards, which are conditional upon the placing of an order, are not permissible.
  11. SECURITY, SAFETY, FIRE, AND HEALTH: The exhibitor will assume all responsibility for compliance with the local, city, and provincial fire, safety, and health ordinances regarding the installation and the operation of the exhibit.
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MARCH 24 - 26, 2023

Enercare Centre
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