To submit a nominee (all nominations will remain anonymous):

  • Complete and submit the Nominee Form (Button Below)
  • Provide the Nominee’s contact information and online links
  • Reason for nomination
  • Link to post with details about the nomination
  • Connection to the cannabis community
  • Years active 

Final nominees will be contacted at the end of January and will be required to submit a high-res photo and bio for the use of voting for the awards. 

All nominees must be residents of Canada and will need to have in-person representation at the awards show in Toronto on March 24th, 2023, to qualify for the nomination. 

Nominations will be open Jan. 7 to Jan 28, with voting taking place for the whole month of February. 

Most Popular Online Grower

Who’s got those big buds?
Calling all home growers, master growers, closet growers, and everyone in between! Nominate your favourite online grower to follow and watch.

Most Influential on Social Media

Show us who you LOVE to follow. Send us the best of the cannabis community influencers posting today! Love them on Tik Tok? Can’t wait to see their next reel? Nominate the most influential person you know on social media.

Best Cannabis Educator 

Cannabis teacher? Cannabis Professor? Online infuser? Who’s teaching you the knowledge and skills you need to better connect to the cannabis plant? Nominate our community teachers, our educators and the ones offering the cannabis lessons you are learning from.

Most Inclusive / Diverse Advocate

Best show of inclusion, diversity, and equity! Who uses their platform to demonstrate ways our community can be more inclusive? Nominate your favourite humanitarian, ethical poster, and diversity leader. 

Best Show of Cannabis Consumption Online

Show us your bong rips! Your sesh spots! Your home-made dab rigs! Who’s got the best method for consumption? Who are you following to see product reviews and seshes with your favourite community members? Nominate the leaders sharing their online cannabis consumption.

Best Cannabis Related Podcast / Vlog / Web Series

Can’t wait for the next episode to drop? Invested in the hosts so much you know everything about them? Always sticking around to the end of the episode? These are the ones needing a nomination for the best cannabis-related podcast, vlog, or web series.

Biggest Cannabis Trailblazer

Tell us who is leading the way! Who’s breaking the ground we need to move forward? Who is pushing the envelope and breaking down the barriers for change? Nominate the movers and the shakers in the cannabis community. 

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