10 AM
Opening Ceremonies

Indigenous spoken word and musical performance by Missy Knott, Introductions: Rev. Kelly, Kathryn Reilly & Skinnahman (DJ)

10:30 AM
Diversity Discussions

Diversity Discussions with Anisha Reindorf and the Diversity grant winners

12 PM
Women of Cannabis Round Table

Hosted by Blunts & Beans

1 PM
The Cannabis Community and Influencer Awards

Hosted by Disciplined Stoners

Fireside Chats with Industry Professionals Katie Pringle and Mendo Jay
4 PM
Joint Rolling Competition

Roll with Cody VanGogh, hosted by Ellevan

5 PM
So You Think you can Cook…with Cannabis

Hosted by Thomas O’Neill, with judges; The Ganja Mama, Chef Jordan Wagman, Chef Vito Blaze

Audience Wins BIG!

Stick around to the day’s end with a contest full of surprises for the audience!


10 AM
Opening Ceremonies

Indigenous spoken words and performance by Josee Bourgeois

10:30 AM
The High Ladies Podcast

Fireside Chat

11:30 AM
How to Talk to Your Kids About Cannabis

How to talk to your kids about cannabis with Andrea Meharg & Reverend Kelly / Mama Earth will read a copy of “The Smelliest Flower in the Garden.”

1 PM
A Parenting Journey with Cannabis

Round Table discussion hosted by Ralph Bryant

2 PM
Joint Rolling Competition

Roll with Cody VanGogh. Hosted by Reese Turner

3 PM
Cannabis & Parenting Tools of the Trade

Includes products for safe storage, odour control and more.

4 PM
So You Think you can Cook…with Cannabis

Hosted by Thomas O’Neill, with judges; The Ganja Mama, Chef Jordan Wagman, Chef Vito Blaze

5:30 PM
Audience Wins BIG!

Stick around to the day’s end with a contest full of surprises for the audience!


10 AM
Opening Ceremonies Count Klassy LIVE performance

Indigenous spoken words with Brendon Hartmann of Circa 1818 and Count Klassy LIVE performance 

10:30 AM
Fireside chat

Jack Kungel with Kim Saltarski

11:30 AM
The Homeostasis Hippie Course

Stacy Bobak and Reverend Kelly

12:30 PM
Joint Rolling Competition

Roll with Cody VanGogh. Hosted by Reese Turner

Budtender 101 – Tricks of the trade with Andrea Meharg

2 PM
The Truth About Cannabis Prohibition

Andrea Meharg, and Dana Carrabon 

3 PM
So You Think you can Cook…with Cannabis

Main Course Chef Hosted by Thomas O’Neill, with judges; The Ganja Mama, Chef Jordan Wagman, Chef Vito Blaze

430 PM
Closing Act

Final act with Sistah Lois









Andrea Meharg

Skinnahman Daily | CannExpo’s Official DJ

ABOUT: Skinnahman

Skinnahman has been growing cannabis indoors for 3 years, and a patient for over 20! 

Using a unique blend of music, cannabis photography, and underground culture, Skinnahman connects with followers through his exciting story posts, grow room updates and live giveaway events. 

He has launched his own clothing brand as well as involved himself in numerous community events, including djing the Indigenous cannabis cup in 2022, and numerous live giveaways with his affiliate Cult Classics Studios – creator of the legendary strain Cement Shoes. 

His future goals are to expand the “Ruffnex” brand, to further connect with growers in the community, and to raise overall consciousness of self in an authentic, thought provoking way. 

Fun fact: Skinnahman was given his handle by his mother, who called him skinner man as a young boy as he was so slight.

Blunts and Beans at CannExpo

Blunts &. Beans | Friday 12 PM
Hosts: Women of Cannabis Round Table

ABOUT: Blunts & Beans

Blunts &. Beans | Friday 12 PM| Hosts: Women of Cannabis Round Table

Alexis and Jolyn are co-hosting the Women of Cannabis panel, playing games with the LIVE audience and broadcasting LIVE on KGLTV all weekend long! Cofounders of Blunts & Beans, and Camp Canna Fierce advocates of plant medicine, members of the CCTA, hosts of Lifted Mornings on the KGLTV network. Celebrating the consumers, and empowering members of the community to come together and celebrate the one love this bountiful plant provides

Vance Michel - Chef Vito Blaze

Vance Michel (Aka Chef Vito Blaze)
Judge for So You Think You Can Cook…with Cannabis

More about Vance Michel

Vance Michel is an American-raised Comedian born in Montreal, Canada. Now residing in Montreal where he co-hosts the Worlds Smallest Comedy Night with Zak Kik and is a guest chef on the Late Night Sesh with Reese Turner on KGLTV.

Vance has passion for the culinary arts since he was a kid and he develop that into a skill while attending Pearson School of Culinary Arts and graduating in 2017 and has worked in several restaurants as a line cook. Vance also hosts a motivational podcast called Coffee Tawlk with Vito blaze. 

Nadia Rehman, The Ganja Mama
Judge for So You Think You Can Cook…with Cannabis

More about The Ganja Mama

The Ganja Mama was born from Nadia’s need to heal and her love of food. TGM was born out of a need to take control over her pain management and educate other people how they can make their own cannabis infusions and create their own medicine right from their own kitchens. TGM embodies food that is accessible and can be made with everyday ingredients but is always elegant, sexy and infused.

Chef Jordan Wagman

Chef Jordan Wagman 
Judge for So You Think You Can Cook…with Cannabis

More about Chef Jordan

Meet James Beard nominated Chef, bestselling author, cannabis culinary pioneer, podcast host, philanthropist, and mental health survivor– Jordan Wagman. 

Jordan’s unique culinary journey began over campfires in Northern Ontario and progressed to the kitchens of some of the top chefs in the culinary world.

At the age of 12, Jordan was diagnosed with Psoriasis, an often-debilitating autoimmune disease. He was hospitalized numerous times and took medication that would have lasting negative side effects 

Jordan realized at a young age that sunshine was a huge piece to his health puzzle – fast forward to 2014, and Jordan found the second piece;  a healthy diet. Following one meeting with a naturopath, Jordan removed gluten, dairy, and refined sugar from his diet and began consuming cannabis, and almost immediately, his life changed, and he began living a much healthier existence. 

Today, Jordan has a renewed focus on food, health, and wellness;  Jordan offers a unique chef’s table experience redefining cannabis-infused food, consults on the creation of CPG products, continues to write books, and speaks publicly while advocating for the normalcy of cannabis.
In the Weeds Podcast

Ralph Bryant | Saturday 1 PM 
Host: A Parenting Journey with Cannabis

ABOUT: Ralph Bryant

Ralph Bryant | Saturday 1 PM | Host: A Parenting Journey with Cannabis

Ralph Bryant is hosting the round table: a parenting journey with cannabis and producing the LIVE show on KGLTV. 

Ralph Bryant is a storyteller and dreamer, who lives mostly in the clouds dancing with Icarus.  He is the Creative Director of Black Misfits Society, a marketing agency for solopreneurs and independent creatives, and the Executive Director of Mirror Lounge Collective, a nonprofit organization championing inclusion, equity, and wellness in the professional beauty industry.

Raised in the Bronx and Harlem, Ralph has recovered from the trauma of parental abandonment, homelessness, sexual assault, to work for some of the world’s most iconic brands. He watched Vince Carter win the slam dunk champion while a member of NBA, kissed Vidal Sassoon’s hand at Bumble and bumble, and helped keep the planet beautiful as a member of Green Circle Salons.  He is an accomplished sales and marketing leader, who has spent years helping small businesses and solopreneurs achieve their dreams. 

Ralph credits his healing due to a passion for hiking and communing with nature, commitment to truth and therapy, and foregoing all corporate pharmaceuticals in favor of using more natural methods of healing and expansion.  He is an advocate of cannabis as a medicine, specifically in mental health, which will be explored in his upcoming documentary, “Blessed: A Cannabis Healing Journey Across North America.”  He can been seen on his podcast, The Brotherhood with Murrisa Bourdeau, on the KGL TV Network.

Cody VanGogh | Joint Rolling Competition
Friday | 4 PM

ABOUT: Cody VanGogh

Cody VanGogh | Daily | Joint Rolling Competition

Cody VanGogh is a Creative Joint Roller for over seven years. He has rolled joints for high-profile clients like Snoop Dogg and Machine-gun Kelly and is the only Canadian competitor in the National Joint League. Cody brings a smokable experience to fantasy storytelling, unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Blunts and Beans at CannExpo

Anisha Reindorf | Friday 10:30 AM
Hosts: Diversity Discussion

More about Anisha Reindorf

Anisha Reindorf is the Owner & Founder of HighKu.Co, a 100% Vegan, & Gluten Free, Natural Cannabis lifestyle. Creating a holistic experience that elevates your senses to a Higher level. She is continuously breaking the stigma behind this amazing plant, through education and busting myths by working with different companies and organizations. Her goal is to instill knowledge by preaching; “You don’t need to get high, to reap the benefits of this plant”.

The Disciplined Stoners | Friday 1 PM 
Influencer Awards

ABOUT: Disciplined Stoners

The Disciplined Stoners | Friday 1 PM | Influencer Awards

Disciplined Stoners are appearing on Friday and hosting the awards show, they are also part of panels and games we will do throughout the day!

Disciplined Stoners; the gateway drug to mindfulness, consists of Ellevan and Winny Clarke. One, a world record-holding music artist, and the other, an established actor in film and TV.

Conscious awareness is the centre focus of the show. They cover many sides of cannabis through the lens of creativity, wholistic wellness and business. 

They’re combined performance talent makes for comedic but truly meaningful moments in exploring the layers of the human experience.

What makes this show unique, is that Winny and Ellevan, who’ve had an intimate partnership for 14 years, find harmony amidst wildly different opinions and beliefs.

The double sided perspective to the show offers insights to science and spirit.

The intention of the show is to give cannabis a fair opportunity to express itself through us and leave a respectful relation

Missy Knott | Friday 10 am 
Opening Ceremonies

ABOUT: Missy Knott

Missy Knott | Friday 10 am | Opening Ceremonies

Missy Knott (Singing Wild Rice Girl) is a Mother, Philanthropist, Educational Assistant, active Curve Lake First Nation Community member and Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter. Her most recent release, “Our Song Acoustic” (2021), made it to #3 on the Indigenous Music Countdown playing widely on Sirius XM. 

In 2018, Missy launched her Wild Rice Records label which was founded in Nogojiwanong (Peterborough), but soon after, accepted jobs as an Afternoon Drive and Weekend Live Radio Personality at both ELMNT FM in Ottawa and Toronto. 

Annie & Amanda | Saturday 10 AM 
Opening Ceremonies

ABOUT: High Ladies

Annie & Amanda | Saturday 10 AM | Opening Ceremonies

High Ladies Podcast are attending Saturday and hosting a fireside chat as well as taking part in a panel about parents and cannabis. 

High Ladies is a female-led podcast that creates meaningful conversations around the topic of Cannabis. They inform listeners of current issues in the cannabis space, provide education around mindful and respectful consumption, and have created a community of like-minded consumers.  

Mom friends, Annie and Amanda, saw the need for a mature, female perspective on the cannabis space. Over the past 2 years, High Ladies Podcast has reached the top 5% of podcasts worldwide showing the desire and need for these kinds of conversations.

Through honest and frank discussions they unwrap tough subjects and work towards the de-stigmatization of cannabis, especially for women.

Check them out on all listening platforms and connect on Instagram @highladiespodcast

Josee Bourgeois | Saturday 10 AM 
Opening Ceremonies

ABOUT: Josee Bourgeois

Josee Bourgeois | Saturday 10 AM | Opening Ceremonies

Josee is a member of the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nations in Ontario. Born in Ottawa, but raised in the east end of Toronto, Josee attended high school at Malvern Collegiate Institute in the Beaches Community. In 2013, Josee graduated as Valedictorian of the Nova Scotia Community College, and went onto a professional career from 2013 to 2019 in the fields of Corrections and Accreditation. 

 Since late 2019, Josee has developed as a leading voice and advocate working towards bridging gaps within the sovereign cannabis industry and first nations communities. Over the past 3 years she has had the opportunity to work as Brand Development Manager for A K I Wellness, and helping to grow the distribution capacity as Community Engagement Manager for grassroots company, Sweetgrass Trading. 

 In 2021 Josee was included as a cannabis consultant and presented in the final round table in the Anishinabek Nation Cannabis Feasibility Study. To date, CWIC (Canadian Women in Cannabis) as well as not-for-profit organization, Educannation, have invited both the brand, A K I Wellness, and Josee, as partner, advocate and advisor. It is within these growing relationships that Josee sees the power of change and a better understanding of the cannabis plant as medicine and how it can help communities move forward.

As a mother to her 13-year-old son, Little Thunder, Josee is well-intentioned to create opportunities for the younger generations to thrive in the cannabis industry and live a life of wellness and abundant and fair opportunity.

As her engagement network grows and she develops meaningful pathways to change, its clear that the work towards decolonization is Josee’s biggest passion. A long and courageous road lies ahead in order to see respectful changes made to the current Cannabis ACT, which continues to erase and discriminate against the inherent rights to self-determination of Indigenous peoples. In the coming seasons, Josee sees a positive but challenging continuum of engagement and learning ahead as she looks towards the larger goals of her career, stay tuned for what’s next on her path of helping to decolonize access to wellness. 

ABOUT: Count Klassy

Count Klassy | Sunday 10 AM 

Count Klassy is a new age hip hop artist coming out of Canada’s musical hub, Toronto. He’s been ghostwriting for Grammy-Award winning artists for 5 years, handling their digital marketing portfolios, while simultaneously working on his own music, developing new sounds and styles to bring into the hip hop genre as an LGBTQ artist. Having been mentored by successful artists such as Tone Lōc, and George Brown of Kool and the Gang, Count Klassy is here to add some glitter to the hip hop game.

ABOUT: Stacy Bobak

Stacy Bobak| Sunday 11:30 AM 

Stacy Bobak, RDH is a Certified Medical Cannabis Educator with experience speaking publicly on a number of topics. As a medical cannabis patient, her passion lies in helping others obtain access to information about cannabis in order to help them make informed decisions about their health and quality of life. Stacy has experience working with a number of college-level cannabis courses, reviewing, creating, and delivering educational content. She is the owner of CannaDent, a cannabis education platform that teaches dental professionals about cannabis. She is the co-founder and executive director for the nonprofit organization, EduCanNation, the association for cannabis educators. She is the lead cannabis educator with the KGL Network, and is an advocacy lead for cannabis education with Canadian Women in Cannabis. Her credentials as a cannabis educator and industry expert come from the Michener Institute of Education at UHN, Durham College, and the Canadian Pharmacists’ Association. Connect with Stacy by emailing, or follow her on Instagram

ABOUT: Kim Saltarski

Kim Saltarski | Sunday 10:30 AM 

Kim Saltarski is a filmmaker, father, friend and cannabis educator. His journey documenting the world of “patients helping patients” with medical cannabis began with his melanoma stage 3B cancer diagnosis in April of 2014. After treating himself with cannabis and a plant-based diet, he has been cancer free ever since. His award-winning documentaries “Jack’s Garage”, MEND with Dignity” and his new series “THC – The Healing Conversations” showcase the power of medical cannabis and further illuminate the science behind our endocannabinoid system and the politics behind the continued stigmatization of the plant. Visit,, and for more.

ABOUT: Jack Kungel

Jack Kingel | Sunday 10:30 AM 

Jack Kungel is a featured speaker for Sunday. He has been recognized by the Cannabis Spirituality movement as a Prophet of the movement and the documentary created about his story has won awards and global critical acclaim. 

Jack Kungel’s healing journey began with a devastating accident in 1991 that triggered a 20-year horrific battle with pain, 2 bouts of cancer, and the devastating physical effects of 8 surgeries and vast quantities of pharmaceuticals. Today, thanks to cannabis, Jack is a healthy 69-year-old man on a mission to educate as many people as possible about the many benefits of cannabis and a plant-based diet. The documentary “Jack’s Garage” shares Jack’s inspirational story that has made him known around the world for helping people.  Visit and for more.

Dana Carrabon Andrea Meharg
ABOUT: Dana Carrabon

Dana Carrabon | Sunday 12:30 | The Truth About Cannabis Prohibition

Dana Carrabon is an actor, writer, producer, and a long-time participant in the cannabis industry. Starting advocacy intiatives in 2016 and working various jobs in the industry ever since, he believes that cannabis can help us transcend spiritually, medically, and economically. He hopes to transcend the stigma surrounding the plant through the power of the arts, and bring awareness to all the reflection and healing that must be done as a result of cannabis prohibition and the War on Drugs.

Andrea Meharg
ABOUT: Andrea Meharg

Andrea Meharg | Sunday 12:30 | The Truth About Cannabis Prohibition

Andrea Meharg is a Certified Cannabis Coach and Educator and the founder and CEO of Reveal Cannabis, a cannabis education agency. Andrea holds a B.A. in Psychology and Spanish, a Bachelor of Education, and is a Google Certified Educator. She is passionate about using education to help others lead happier, healthier lives through cannabis, having personally experienced its life-changing benefits. In addition to being the Head Science Educator at the Cannabis Coaching Institute (CCI), Andrea is the founder of the Parkhill Women’s Cannabis Club and The Ultimate Cannabis Club Toolkit plus she creates educational cannabis content for her podcast and YouTube channel.

Andrea Meharg
ABOUT: Reese Turner

Reese Turner | Sunday 2PM | Rolling Competition

Mama Earth | Saturday 11:30 AM 
How to Talk to Your Kids About Cannabis

ABOUT: Mama Earth

Mama Earth | Saturday 11:30 AM | How to Talk to Your Kids About Cannabis

Unity Event Solutions

MARCH 24 - 26, 2023

Enercare Centre
Exhibition Place, Toronto